National Specialist Profiles

Zaidee Jackson
National Business Development Manager Sustainable Packaging

Ball & Doggett

With a passion for the paper, print and design industries, Zaidee Jackson has thrived in a career spanning over 25 years within sales and marketing.
An advocate for the industry Zaidee is multifaceted in her engagement with stakeholders, driving commercial outcomes for the business.

Her non-traditional approach to her role covered in optimism has provided opportunities for growth and delivered successful experiences. A proud recipient of the Exceptional Woman in Print 2021 awarded by PVCA and Top 50 Supplier through ProPrint, Zaidee is a well-regarded and respected figure in the industry. An industry award judge, facilitator and panellist all-encompassing as she contributes to the sustainability of our industry.

Her leadership and development of successful teams has seen Zaidee strive to share her knowledge and experience building those around her and being open to learning at every juncture.
Her breadth of experience is diverse including management, development delivery for staff, strategy development and implementation along with delivering national in person and online events.

With a diverse client base, a natural networking professional who connects and elevate those around her.
A passion for the education sector these past 25 years sees consistent investment making a difference in the learning journey of emerging designers with a seat on the advisory committee board Deakin University, Bachelor of Design.

As National Business Development Manager Sustainable Packaging for Ball & Doggett, Zaidee has a clear focus on sustainable solutions for Australian brands and partnering with them on their transition pathways to meet national targets.
With a personal ethos centred around engaging, inspiring, influencing and creating an experience!

How do you define sustainable packaging?

“It’s all encompassing, from redefining the design of the packaging, materiality credentials, the application of the function of the end product and if the package can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. Taking into account that the goal of packaging is to be fit for purpose. It’s about being able to communicate to consumers how to dispose of products with defined waste streams. Essentially stimulating a circular economy.”


Zaidee Jackson