National Specialist Profiles

Shinsuke Mizoguchi
National Manager Flexible Packaging

Ball & Doggett

Shinsuke Mizoguchi (Mizo) is a multifaceted specialist with over fifteen years international and domestic industry experience.

Mizo brings professionalism and drive within his role as National Manager Synthetic Paper & Lamination Films for Ball & Doggett over the past ten years.

His experience in printable synthetic are unrivalled, after working for one of the world’s largest and most respected synthetic manufacturers, Yupo Corporation, based in Japan.
Mizo has drawn on these international experiences, and his technical skills, to place Ball & Doggett in a unique position as a market leader in Australia.

Mizo is highly respected by the Australian print community, and committed to supporting his customers, providing solutions that impact their business, whilst sourcing new opportunities and bringing them to fruition. His strength and success is evident through the development of the printable synthetic business almost from its inception.

At the heart of it, Mizo simply wants to see his customers succeed and continue to grow.

How do you define sustainable packaging?

“As Petroleum resources are limited…therefore, we need to consider recycling products derived from petroleum or consider using recycled products for future generations.”


Shinsuke Mizoguchi