National Specialist Profiles

A message from the CEO:

Luke Wilkinson

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Chief Executive Officer

Ball & Doggett

As market leader, our goal is to deliver value to our customers and underpin the viability of the Printing and Packaging industry in Australia.

We view sustainability not just as an environmental catch-cry but rather a way of doing business. Respect not just for the planet and our forests but also our staff, suppliers, local communities and our customers.

I am proud to say that we have embarked on our sustainability transition pathway. In the past few years we have effected change with a strong focus on reducing energy, operational efficiency to reduce waste, sourcing sustainable products and managing waste recovery from our distribution centres.
Furthermore, our environmental impact is constantly under review and challenged to ensure we make meaningful contributions to the environment and the community.
We are proud to present our inaugural Sustainability Statement for 2022 as a commitment to continuous improvement addressing all pillars that define sustainability; social, economic and environmental. Our goals and objectives are to improve our overall contribution to a sustainable future.
Our commitment is to ensure that we offer the market sustainable sourcing options in all of our product portfolio’s, delivering solutions to support their own environmental and sustainability initiatives.
The change starts with each of us.
Ball & Doggett are walking this path to continuously improve how we operate and represent our industry.

Zaidee Jackson
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National Business Development Manager Sustainable Packaging

Ball & Doggett

Meet Zaidee Jackson
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About Zaidee Jackson

With a passion for the paper, print and design industries, Zaidee Jackson has thrived in a career spanning over 25 years within sales and marketing.
An advocate for the industry Zaidee is multifaceted in her engagement with stakeholders, driving commercial outcomes for the business.

Her non-traditional approach to her role covered in optimism has provided opportunities for growth and delivered successful experiences. A proud recipient of the Exceptional Woman in Print 2021 awarded by PVCA and Top 50 Supplier through ProPrint, Zaidee is a well-regarded and respected figure in the industry. An industry award judge, facilitator and panellist all-encompassing as she contributes to the sustainability of our industry.

Her leadership and development of successful teams has seen Zaidee strive to share her knowledge and experience building those around her and being open to learning at every juncture.
Her breadth of experience is diverse including management, development delivery for staff, strategy development and implementation along with delivering national in person and online events.

With a diverse client base, a natural networking professional who connects and elevate those around her.
A passion for the education sector these past 25 years sees consistent investment making a difference in the learning journey of emerging designers with a seat on the advisory committee board Deakin University, Bachelor of Design.

As National Business Development Manager Sustainable Packaging for Ball & Doggett, Zaidee has a clear focus on sustainable solutions for Australian brands and partnering with them on their transition pathways to meet national targets.
With a personal ethos centred around engaging, inspiring, influencing and creating an experience!

What does Sustainability mean to you?
“It’s all encompassing, from redefining the design of the packaging, materiality credentials, the application of the function of the end product and if the package can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. Taking into account that the goal of packaging is to be fit for purpose. It’s about being able to communicate to consumers how to dispose of products with defined waste streams. Essentially stimulating a circular economy.”
Shinsuke Mizoguchi
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National Manager Flexible Packaging

Ball & Doggett

Meet Shinsuke Mizoguchi
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About Shinsuke Mizoguchi

Shinsuke Mizoguchi (Mizo) is a multifaceted specialist with over fifteen years international and domestic industry experience.

Mizo brings professionalism and drive within his role as National Manager Synthetic Paper & Lamination Films for Ball & Doggett over the past ten years.

His experience in printable synthetic are unrivalled, after working for one of the world’s largest and most respected synthetic manufacturers, Yupo Corporation, based in Japan.
Mizo has drawn on these international experiences, and his technical skills, to place Ball & Doggett in a unique position as a market leader in Australia.

Mizo is highly respected by the Australian print community, and committed to supporting his customers, providing solutions that impact their business, whilst sourcing new opportunities and bringing them to fruition. His strength and success is evident through the development of the printable synthetic business almost from its inception.

At the heart of it, Mizo simply wants to see his customers succeed and continue to grow.

What does Sustainability mean to you?
“As Petroleum resources are limited…therefore, we need to consider recycling products derived from petroleum or consider using recycled products for future generations.”
Lou Tsoukalas
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National Manager Flexible Packaging

Ball & Doggett

Meet Lou Tsoukalas
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About Lou Tsoukalas

With over 30 years in the paper and packaging industry, both domestically and internationally, Lou Tsoukalas delivers expertise across Fibre, Rigid and Flexible substrate market sectors.

His business journey includes successful senior roles in sales and marketing and general management leading teams to successful outcomes; growth and diversification with international acumen.

Lou’s ethos is summed up in his words; “Success can be ambiguous dependent on the lens we choose to view it with, what’s unequivocal is ones Humility and Integrity in the process”.

As National Manager – Flexible Packaging for Ball & Doggett, the role drives strategic sales focussed initiative that delivers on fundamental outcomes in sales growth, profitability, customer satisfaction and product placement via market segmentation, sustainability, brand and customer engagement.

Lou and the depth and breadth of his experience, creates a uniqueness in the ability to offer a “solutions” based market engagement leading to innovative market consultations.

What does Sustainability mean to you?
“Sustainable Packaging is about meeting the environmental challenges, a shift from a Linear to a Circular Economy, products that meet the goal to; Reduce, Reuse, Compost and Recycle.”
Leigh Hooper
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General Manager Labels & Packaging

Ball & Doggett

Meet Leigh Hooper
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About Leigh Hooper

A driver for innovation and creating opportunity, Leigh Hooper represents Ball & Doggett as General Manager- Labels and Packaging.

Hooper has successfully specialised in various markets within the printing industry.
His experience has covered the breadth of commercial print, small format digital print, large format digital print, before recently making commercial impact within the labels and packaging market.

His vision is a shared experience with his team, driving market initiatives, ensuring brands and print convertors have local access to material, and full transparency on championing sustainable packaging solutions.

A leader in our industry for over 19 years across many roles, forging steadfast relationship, he and his team of National specialists across the packaging sector are driving strong commercial outcomes for the business.

Leigh leads by example, championing development and training in all facets of the division. The values of the business and spirit of the team is a focus that he fosters, ensuring strong relationships at all levels.

He has cemented himself as a key player in the market ensuring our global network of supply partners drive the innovation needed within the packaging sector in Australia.

What does Sustainability mean to you?
“Sustainable Packaging is the sourcing, development, and use of packaging solutions that have minimal environmental impact and footprint.”
Jordan Leona
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National Manager Industrial Packaging

Ball & Doggett

Meet Jordan Leona
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About Jordan Leona

Jordan Leona is a successful operator in the sales and supply arena. As National Manager Industrial & Food Packaging for Ball & Doggett, Jordan’s role within the company is to manage these categories at a national level. Sourcing new product within this range to ensure the business has the most competitive, and up to date offer available is Jordan’s priority.

While he has been involved in the industry for over fourteen years, he is the first to admit that there is still a lot to learn, and recognises that trends in the market are forever changing. 

His commitment to finding sustainable alternatives has been a major focus of his role, and he is excited to be launching new grades now, and into the future.

Jordan has an innate ability to drive his successful outcomes with passion for strong relationships, across the board. A well respected player in the market, his connectivity with international supply chains is why he places Ball & Doggett at the forefront offering innovative products to market.

An avid reader, Jordan approaches his work life, along with his personal life, by sticking with the four agreements; Be impeccable with your word; Don’t take anything personally; Don’t make assumptions; and Always do your best.

What does Sustainability mean to you?
“Sustainable packaging encapsulates the circular economy, where waste is viewed as a valuable resource used in the reproduction of similar goods.”
Chris Jackson
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National Manager Self Adhesives

Ball & Doggett

Meet Chris Jackson
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About Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson is the ultimate professional. When at work his inherit enjoyment is achieved by pioneering and developing unique labelling solutions to fix a problem.

As National Manager, Self-Adhesive Products for Ball & Doggett, Chris’s breadth of knowledge in supply chain operations along with strong industry relationships supports the business strategic outcomes.

Having worked in the industry for in excess of twenty years, he is extremely knowledgeable with all self-adhesive applications and print technologies so feel free to test him out.

Accountable for developing new products and markets, along with creating unique and innovative strategies, his curious mind will challenge the traditional and will deliver results. Like all good gymnasts he likes to STICK the landing.

What does Sustainability mean to you?
“To fit my criteria, sustainable packaging needs to be from material that is responsibly sourced and hopefully includes a percentage of recycled content.
Coupled with the knowledge and the intention that once the package or label has been used, the material can be recovered, recycled or reused.”
Brad Partington
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General Manager – Packaging

Ball & Doggett

Meet Brad Partington
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About Brad Partington

With an impressive career spanning over twenty years within the Ball & Doggett’s group, Brad Partington is an industry leader through his role as General Manager, Packaging.

Brad is the consummate professional achieving continued success, delivering growth and financial outcomes for the business.

His role sees him managing the procurement and sales channel of all packaging related products, along with leading large volume supply agreements with key suppliers and customers and driving growth in these areas.

A proud winner of the Printing Industries of NSW Future Leaders award in 2013; and being runner up in the National category for the same award, are two of the many moments in Brad’s career that conjures pride.
With vision, tenacity and the ability to adapt, Brad has successfully undertaken many new and different roles within Ball & Doggett.
A family man at heart, he epitomises the one team value and has relocated his family on two separate occasions.
His dedication and loyalty to the business shapes his mindset as he leads from the front in all facets of his role. He subscribes to “Strive to be YOUR best”, indicative of Brad Partington’s success.

Well respected in the packaging and print industries, his highly competitive nature coupled with a success driven personality, Brad pushes boundaries creating innovative opportunities for the business and customers. He is a committed advocate to supporting the ongoing growth of our industry.

A key strength that shapes his relationships with both our suppliers, customers and our internal team is his natural demeanour in wanting to see everyone succeed. Building and maintaining strong relationships and operating in an ethical and fair manner is an important part of Brad, the individual.

With vision, tenacity and the ability to adapt, Brad has successfully undertaken many new and different roles within Ball & Doggett.

His dedication and loyalty to the business shapes his mindset as he leads from the front in all facets of his role. He subscribes to “Strive to be YOUR best”, indicative of Brad Partington’s success.

What does Sustainability mean to you?
“Sustainable packaging is a complex subject matter. Consideration and redefining choices in substrates towards more sustainable alternatives is more important than ever. We need to understand the reality around fit for purpose and suit the application. Ensuring a sustainable supply chain, provides confidence to our customers. Our global network is our strength ensuring consistency of supply.”