National Specialist Profiles

Leigh Hooper
General Manager Labels & Packaging

Ball & Doggett

A driver for innovation and creating opportunity, Leigh Hooper represents Ball & Doggett as General Manager- Labels and Packaging.

Hooper has successfully specialised in various markets within the printing industry.
His experience has covered the breadth of commercial print, small format digital print, large format digital print, before recently making commercial impact within the labels and packaging market.

His vision is a shared experience with his team, driving market initiatives, ensuring brands and print convertors have local access to material, and full transparency on championing sustainable packaging solutions.

A leader in our industry for over 19 years across many roles, forging steadfast relationship, he and his team of National specialists across the packaging sector are driving strong commercial outcomes for the business.

Leigh leads by example, championing development and training in all facets of the division. The values of the business and spirit of the team is a focus that he fosters, ensuring strong relationships at all levels.

He has cemented himself as a key player in the market ensuring our global network of supply partners drive the innovation needed within the packaging sector in Australia.

How do you define sustainable packaging?

“Sustainable Packaging is the sourcing, development, and use of packaging solutions that have minimal environmental impact and footprint.”


Leigh Hooper