National Specialist Profiles

Lou Tsoukalas
National Manager Flexible Packaging

Ball & Doggett

With over 30 years in the paper and packaging industry, both domestically and internationally, Lou Tsoukalas delivers expertise across Fibre, Rigid and Flexible substrate market sectors.

His business journey includes successful senior roles in sales and marketing and general management leading teams to successful outcomes; growth and diversification with international acumen.

Lou’s ethos is summed up in his words; “Success can be ambiguous dependent on the lens we choose to view it with, what’s unequivocal is ones Humility and Integrity in the process”.

As National Manager – Flexible Packaging for Ball & Doggett, the role drives strategic sales focussed initiative that delivers on fundamental outcomes in sales growth, profitability, customer satisfaction and product placement via market segmentation, sustainability, brand and customer engagement.

Lou and the depth and breadth of his experience, creates a uniqueness in the ability to offer a “solutions” based market engagement leading to innovative market consultations.

How do you define sustainable packaging?

“Sustainable Packaging is about meeting the environmental challenges, a shift from a Linear to a Circular Economy, products that meet the goal to; Reduce, Reuse, Compost and Recycle.”


Lou Tsoukalas