Boutique Packaging

Luxury can still be sustainable and add value to the exclusivity of the brand.

Brands that are exclusive in their market sectors, drives a language around exclusivity.
They strive to offer their consumers an experience that is end to end.

Whether products are purchased in store or through an e-commerce channel they ensure that their packaging is an extension of their brand persona.

Exclusive brands create an ambience that evokes a feeling of luxury and through their packaging they continue to connect with their loyal consumers.

Using the appropriate materials that connects with sustainable outcomes is still a very important part of the expression of high-end brands.

Project: SDC | Design: @groszcolab

Project: Pizzini Wines | Printer: @labelhouse

Project: Grampians Estate | Design: @pollyannacreative

Project: Chandon | Design: @tcykdesign | Print: @wrkwrks

Project: Market Lane | Design: @swear_words | Printer: @bambra.behold

Project: Monterra Wines | Design: @byerleedesign | Printer: @cclaustralia |  Images: @foliolio

Project: Hedonist Wines | Design: @byerleedesign | Printer: @signaturelablesadelaide | Images: @foliolio

Ball & Doggett Luxury Brands

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