A message from the CEO:

Luke Wilkinson
Chief Executive Officer

Ball & Doggett

As market leader, our goal is to deliver value to our customers and underpin the viability of the Printing and Packaging industry in Australia.

We view sustainability not just as an environmental catch-cry but rather a way of doing business. Respect not just for the planet and our forests but also our staff, suppliers, local communities and our customers.

I am proud to say that we have embarked on our sustainability transition pathway. In the past few years we have effected change with a strong focus on reducing energy, operational efficiency to reduce waste, sourcing sustainable products and managing waste recovery from our distribution centres.
Furthermore, our environmental impact is constantly under review and challenged to ensure we make meaningful contributions to the environment and the community.

We are proud to present our inaugural Sustainability Statement for 2023 as a commitment to continuous improvement addressing all pillars that define sustainability; social, economic and environmental. Our goals and objectives are to improve our overall contribution to a sustainable future.

Our commitment is to ensure that we offer the market sustainable sourcing options in all of our product portfolio’s, delivering solutions to support their own environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Ball & Doggett are walking this path to continuously improve how we operate and represent our industry.

The change starts with each of us.