Sally Williams, Sally Williams

A fantastic discussion with the original influencer, Sally Williams. A respected and trusted presence in the Australian market, Sally shares her journey of advocacy in the sustainability arena. Her influence and insights on consumers and how they see brands through the lens of impacting change is expressed with the passion and intention that makes Sally successful in her quest.


Sally Williams first appeared on our TV screens well over 25 year ago, well known and respected as the Brand Power Lady. The trusted voice has promoted everything from muesli bars to washing detergent. Her engaging and considered approach has been the secret of commercial success for both the series and the brands it promoted.

An opportunity to make a significant career change along with the way she lived was actioned. Along with this change in direction came a change in name. The Brand Power lady has made the transition into “Sustainable Sally” — a fierce and trusted advocate for the sustainability movement within Australia, driving conversations in boardrooms, on stages, and podcasts, empowering industries to act.

“Working within the circular economy is as much a mindset as it is an objective and, like any major transformation exercise, it requires stakeholders at every level to be part of the vision and work towards its implementation.” shared Sally.

Sally now works closely with an expanding range of B2B and B2C clients—in the sustainable sector—as presenter/spokesperson, ambassador and moderator covering recycling, FMCG, packaging, waste management, construction, renewables to name a few.

Notably Martogg announced their partnership with Sally as a leading sustainability advocate. This partnership is a combined effort to promote Martogg’s Australian Made range of recycled polymers. Sally has recently launched “Choice for Life” a media/advertising content platform available to brands who are making a dedicated contribution to sustainability with their products and services.