Daryl Thompson, Koko Black

Daryl Thompson shares the Koko Black story, their passion for creating experiences for their consumers whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront of who they are and what they do.
He shares his expert insights into packaging design, collaborating with other brands and the depths they journey from their cocoa through to the unboxing experience.


Daryl Thompson is an Industrial Designer and Packaging design specialist with over 30 year’s – award-winning industry experience.
He’s a packaging consultant, member of the Australian Institute of Packaging and formerly – the Society of Plastics Engineers (whilst in the UK).

His employment career has included; senior roles in Packaging design, innovation, and technical sales across:
• International Manufacturers,
• Design Agencies (including Monash – Food Innovation Centre and Outerspace Design) and
• Local FMCG retail at KOKO BLACK.

He has won multiple awards across many categories – notably including the IOM3 Starpack awards – two “Packaging Stars” and a “Technical Innovation” award for a multi material thermoformed – leak resistant packaging system.

The fusion of creative and technical expertise that Daryl brings has been described by others in the industry – to be as “rare as a Unicorn”.