Chris Foley, APCO, Part 2

Chris Foley joins Zaidee Jackson discussion the once in a generational change to the Australian packaging landscape.
They unpack the process APCO, government, industry along with specialists are undertaking to review the current and future states of the transformational change the industry is embarking on.

This important interview dives deep into the context and outcomes of the recent APCO national roadshow they hosted throughout August 2023.
The ten step plan is unveiled to being our industry up to speed with the intention and delivers to government. More importantly what that looks like for government.

For all key stakeholders within the value chain impacts will be a certainty as a result of what will shape the mandates and legislation's that will impact the packaging supply chain.


Chris Foley – CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Chris specialises in creating value and positive impact for large, complex businesses and organisations by improving the sustainability of their operations, products, packaging, and supply chain.

His experience includes driving system changes to deliver sustainability, product stewardship and corporate reputation outcomes in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the US. Prior to joining APCO in August 2022, Chris led strategic and transformational change in environmental sustainability across leading retailers Kmart and Target where his remit included climate change, product stewardship, circular economy, packaging, plastic, and waste.

He has also spent time in the packaging and utilities industries and government. As APCO’s CEO, Chris leads the development and execution of strategies that bring business, governments, and industry together to design, use, recover, reuse and recycle packaging to improve waste, climate, water, material, chemical and social impacts.