Caspak, Stephen Keating, State Sales Manager and Clemence Lim, Product Development Manager

Caspak, Stephen Keating, State Sales Manager and Clemence Lim, Product Development Manager : Day 4 Session 3


Session : Functional, Flexible and Fit for Purpose.

Stephen Keating and Clemence Lim joins Zaidee Jackson fire side sharing the world of Caspak and how they positively contribute to the brands they work with. Their expertise and their committed approach to being a resource for their customers as they journey through the changing industry. An insightful approach to the functional papers space.

A must see to gain greater understanding.

Showcased as an industry first at Australia’s largest packaging exhibition, APPEX 2024 our stand sat amongst 450 others whilst we delivered a successful four day campaign including twelve live sessions with international and domestic specialists within the packaging supply chain. The ‘Live Experience’ platform focused on driving education, sharing expert insights from across the supply chain that impacts delivery of sustainable packaging into the industry.

As the Australian packaging industry navigates an unprecedented change, these conversations are more relevant than ever.

We know you will find this session insightful and invite you to journey with us and explore each of the live sessions captured for you to enjoy, learn from and share with your network.

Ball & Doggett is proud to partner with APPEX 2024 to deliver this experience for the Australian packaging industry.

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Stephen Keating, State Sales Manager Caspak

Stephen Keating is a seasoned Senior Sales Professional boasting over 35 years in B2B sales. Renowned for expertise in high-barrier food packaging, equipment, and processes, Keating is a highly motivated individual with exceptional technical skills. Focused on sustainable alternatives, he aims to minimize food waste while maximizing packaging performance.

Acknowledged for excellent analytical skills, he excels in understanding customer needs and developing customized packaging solutions. Keating’s proven track record includes building long-term customer partnerships based on trust and respect, showcasing excellent interpersonal skills and driving repeat business through sales recommendations.

Clemence Lim, Product Development Manager, Caspak

Versatile packaging professional with a strong track record in project management, sustainable packaging, and technical expertise in food packaging. A leader in regional project management and value engineering projects, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Proficient in organizational management within an industrial context, excelling in budgeting, maintenance projects, and energy-saving initiatives.

Known for spearheading innovative packaging solutions, ensuring compliance, quality control, cross functional collaboration, and strategic cost management.


Hosted by Zaidee Jackson (AAIP), National Business Development Manager – Sustainable Packaging