Keith Chessell & Ralph Moyle, AIP: Australian Institute of Packaging

"The essence of what they will be asking of all of us is to ensure that the packaging that you put onto the marketplace is optimum for its intended purpose, key word being optimum."

Keith Chessell and Ralph Moyle from AIP: Australian Institute of Packaging, Join Zaidee Jackson in an invaluable addition to our ecoporium Interview series with poignant information to be shared.

The conversation brings to light a brief overview on the 2025 National Packaging Targets and Sustainable Packaging design principles, and what it will mean for you and your business.

We explore the change in buying behaviour of consumers and the growth in the last couple of years to fibre based and renewable solutions as well as some challenges faced around certifications and testings with some renewable materials.


Keith Bio:

Keith Chessell FAIP has 46 years of experience within the Food, Beverage & Confectionery industry (Cottee’s, Schweppes, Pepsi, Cadbury, Kraft/Mondelez) with the innovation and development of new products and the relaunch of existing products and packaging. In recent years his focus has been on sustainable packaging design and assisting the AIP & WPO with Save Foods initiatives and training support for Educational institutions. Judging packaging designs awards has been a great interest over the past 10 years and he has combined this with his ‘Sustainable Packaging Design consultancy. Keith is the AIP representative on the LCA Standards Australia committee and was the AIP representative on APCO Board (Nov 2018 – Nov 2020) and has served is on the APCO Technical Advisory Committee since its inception in April 2018. Keith is a Fellow of the AIP, a Life Member of the AIP, and a Lifetime Achievement Award winner for the WPO.

Ralph Bio:

Ralph Moyle FAIP, CPP, is an experienced food-packaging consultant with 40 years’ in the food processing industry and 30 years’ focused on packaging. Through a unique range of senior management experiences in Packaging, Operations, Technical and Quality Assurance in large and medium FMCG businesses, Ralph has brought increased value to many organisations through the value of smarter packaging at less waste. Ralph’s packaging knowledge has resulted in successful contemporary designs and material selections, improved shelf life, lower material costs, shorter supply chains and environmentally friendly selections that have provided greater economic value. Ralph has been instrumental in training over 2000 people in the last few years in sustainable packaging and design, the 2025 National Packaging Targets, how do we embed the Australasian recycling label into your business and more. Ralph is past president of the AIP, a certified packaging professional, and a fellow of the AIP. He was also awarded the Founders Award for his significant contribution to packaging education and training in Australasia and a global Lifetime Achievement Award from the WPA.


The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is the peak professional body for packaging education and training in Australasia; helping to shape the careers of generations of packaging professionals – from packaging technologists to international packaging business leaders along with a host of people in associated disciplines – sales and marketing, purchasing, production and environment.

The AIP was founded in 1963 in response to a need for packaging technologists to interact and provide a professional identity for individuals within the packaging industry. Having served the industry for 60 years the AIP is the only professional body designed to provide professional and personal development to all levels of the packaging industry; educational offerings include the Diploma in Packaging Technology, the Certificate in Packaging, the Master in Food & Packaging Innovation, Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) Designation, Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course, half-day training courses, conferences, technical forums, site visits, Influential Women’s Mentoring program, internship program and more. The AIP covers Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia.