Anthony Peyton, PREP Design & GreenChip

Insight into educating consumers with APCO’s link to the preptool, what it does and the connection with Australasian Recycling Label (ARL). Understanding the system and highlighting the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines.


Anthony Peyton is the founder and Director of PREP Design and GreenChip.
He has worked as a sustainability adviser for over 3O years and set up GreenChip 20 years ago. Greenchip helps businesses with APCO reporting, carbon accounting and manufacturing best practice.

Together with Planet Ark, GreenChip helped create the Australasian Recycling Label having already built the PREP tool as the standard evaluation for the ARL. This lead to the formation of PREP Design.

Anthony is passionate about making a positive difference, at scale, to some of our most complex environmental challenges and so has already set up PREP in the UK and Singapore, with plenty more markets on his radar.

Collaboration is a critical factor in creating a circular economy and PREP provides the framework for these conversations to be centralised.

PREP Design offers unique design solutions for brand owners and packaging designers
The company’s PREP software simulates consumer packaging’s journey, once discarded for recycling at kerbside, and is the only tool providing immediate feedback to designers advising why packaging is not recyclable.

PREP has been adopted as a national standard assessment methodology in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & Singapore to underpin the nations’ on-pack recycling labels.