Case Study:

Pure Body Luxe Face & Body Oil 50 ml Packaging

Pure Body Luxe Face & Body Oil 50 ml Packaging

As an extension of our 100ml skincare oil range, we wanted to create packaging that is premium, tactile, easy to assemble and made in Australia.

Pantone colours were used in combination with silver metallic paper stock to create a ‘faux foiled’ look. Each colour strip on the packaging corresponding to each of the 9 skincare oils inside.

The resulting product creates a contrast between opulence and minimalism with it’s ‘faux foiled’ detail and the toothy texture of the Barry Uncoated.

Project Overview

Pure Cosmetica
Project Name
Pure Body Luxe Face & Body Oil 50ml Packaging
Graphic Designer
Kiki Sarafis
Managing Director
Peter Cohen
Printer Name
NetworkPak (Melbourne)

Paper Stock Used:

Barry Uncoated 505ums
Sovereign 350gsm layered with silver metallic film

Print Specifications

Silver + black foil stamping for product name and logo. Pantone for text.
9 Pantone colours + gloss laminate.