National Specialist Profiles

Roger Gee
National Manager Flexible Packaging

Ball & Doggett

Roger Gee works within the Doggett Labels part of our business as National Business Development Manager.
The evolution of the printing and paper industry over the last 40 years has provided Roger with numerous opportunities.

His extensive knowledge of many print industry sectors, combined with a background of Technical, Operational and Commercial experience gives him a great platform to drive efficiencies and growth for Doggett Labels in a sustainable and profitable way.

Roger has a customer service focus and believes communication is fundamental to success in the industry. We all understand that things don’t always go to plan and when faced with a bump in the road, having open dialogue both within the organisation and with a customer impacted by unforeseen obstacles, is vital in a production environment.

Developing professional relationships with our customer base and understanding their business needs continues to be his priority.

When asked about career highlights, Gee commented that whilst there are standout moments like being the architect and driving force behind the largest heat set ink supply agreement seen in ANZ, worth in excess of AU$250million over the seven year contract, sometimes the greatest satisfaction can be derived from working with a smaller customer to resolve an issue of importance to them, or in seeing (in some small way) your support help a colleague develop a skill set and career.

Having a position on the Management Executive (MANEX) of the Australian arm of the world’s largest Ink and Coating manufacturer for 7 years also provided highlights where opportunities presented to develop and execute strategies for business growth and for adaption in the ever changing industry.

Roger has been married to the Goddess of love and understanding for thirty-three years and they have raised 3 kids, all adults and finding their own way in life now.
Originally a Queenslander, he has been based in Melbourne for the last twenty-two years and has a broad range of interests outside of the office. Underpinning some of these interests is his personal mantra of trying to do the “right thing” always.

How do you define sustainable packaging?

“To me, sustainability means doing the right thing, on every level of our personal and professional lives.
Any step taken to genuinely reduce negative environmental impact is to be encouraged and applauded. Ensuring what we create is manufactured efficiently and sold at a profit talks to economic and social sustainability.”


Roger Gee